End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ealing and Chiswick

Are you planning to move out? We offer best but End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ealing.

Whether it’s an apartment or a house you are living in, we have the competence to clean it to perfection and perform general repairs to make it look flawless again.


We use liable and safe products on all surfaces, including wood, metal, fabric and marble.


Our skilled staff is equipped with the modern cleaning equipment to clean and clear even the toughest stains therein. No matter how bad your place looks, we work our best for its revival.

The End of Tenancy Cleaning in Chiswick is also suitable for those who want to prepare their place to rent out.


We deep clean the place inside out, offer general repairs and fixes to make it best for living.


All our cleaning products safe among animals and children.


Once the cleaning is completed, you can instantly start shifting.

What we can do?


We can pretty much do any job you can think of but focus on smaller works.  We’re unlikely to take on larger building jobs such as extensions.


But, if you have a specific project in mind please call we may be able to help.


What we can’t do?


We will tackle most things apart from building jobs that take more than a few days.  If you require construction or building job, please feel free to contact us here for the quote and discuss all your requirements.


There are some specialised services that we can’t do like appliance repairs but do keep checking as we have plans to expand our service to you.


How much do we charge?


We charge rates £35.00 per hour (plus VAT) on condition that the client engages the handyman for a minimum of two hours per visit.


There is no charge in the unlikely event we can’t do your job.


We recommend that any materials you want us to fit are available before we arrive.

This will save you money.


If you need us to collect or supply parts then we’ll happily do this but will charge for our time and mileage.


Do we have the right tools?


We have almost every tools needs for any handyman job and simple materials like screws, fixings and glue.


There is a very modest charge for any extra materials used and we’ll always tell you what that will be.


Please let us know an outline of what you want doing so we can bring any additional equipment and materials.


Are we trained?


Unlike some other companies we are fully trained in what we do therefore we do not subcontract our work to any other company or individual.


How quickly can we come to see the job?


Most of the work we do is booked a few days in advance although we can often squeeze jobs in on the same day as they are booked,  so it is worth calling just to check availability.


How can you pay us?


We expect to be paid once the job is completed your satisfaction.


We accept cash and bank transfers.



Is our work guaranteed?


Yes.  We believe in exceptional service and quality workmanship, which is why we back every job we do with our “6 Month Guarantee."


When using us you get peace of mind that you are getting the job done correctly, with the right products and to a high industry standard.


You can relax knowing we guarantee our workmanship.


If there is a problem with the work performed by us or with a product, just give us a call and we’ll come back out to make it right.


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